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Sincere thanks to Andrzej Tabero and Kevin Newton for organising and CD'ing.

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DAY 1: A reassuringly familiar start to the dayA chance for some pilot portraiture. Mike is first victim!Daniel Schneider puts a brave face on itSuki and IanBut hey this is F3F - no time for pessimism!PreliminariesFlying orderOnly one round was flown on the first day. Here's John Philips flying his CrossoverDave Rumble gazes yonder while the wind makes up its mindBerrie van Roest's first F3F comp. He sensibly brought a box load of DLGs! Home brew ones, too.Nuestros amigos desde España: Lázaro Martinez, Jorge Medina and Iñigo HerreraDAY 2 - A better day - we eventually flew four rounds.Wind well below 3 m/s. Out come the toys!The forecast favoured the VR slope, so we moved.Underway at lastExpect some cool video footage from KevinMark trudges back to the pitsMartin's at the cutting edgeSimon's wing has a sense of humourCool shades. Joel placed fourth flying a Freestyler