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First looks at this ground breaking radio from FrSky
Taranis arrives in ali box with accessoriesAll the bits. Brick is mains adapter for internal charger. My rx was supplied with long range antennae.Very 'JR'Nice angles on facia. Switches are a little cramped.Side levers have ratchets and central detent.Balance bar for neckstrap interferes with on-off switch.Hmmm, a bit too close for comfortBlanking cover for optional JR-compatible 3rd-party modules, in addition to built in XJT module (note crooked label - a rare sign of sloppiness!)800mAh battery with JST-XH connector. Compartment is too narrow for regular LiPos.Internals are neat, no obvious signs of cost cutting.Main board and stick units.Sticks with quad ballraced gimbals. Allen heads are for tension adjustment. Very nice units.The ticking heart: ARM processor