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Some images + captions of our F3F fly in at Lundy Island.

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The MS Oldenburg after disgorging its cargo of pilots and modelsThorneycroft - where Mike & Liz Evans, and myself stayed for the weekMike causing major subsidence in the kitchen floor...Front-yard flying Lundy styleMy room. There was no electricity from midnight till 6am. A torch was a must!Breakfast chez nous, courtesy LizA grey start!View from the back of our cottageThe 'Old Light'Ian was our neighbourGround floor of Old Light was used for model storage.Spiral staircase leading to the top of Old LightView from the top looking east. Our cottage is the white one in the middle of the image.Adam, Ian and Phil at the Old LightSunsetJack and Joe CubittAndy operates the radar gun, while Phil flies. Phil recorded fastest speed of 156 mphAdam flying his Vector. He also brought his D60 which managed 150 mph +It's front side, and it's mph...Lundy coastline