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The Nats started badly as Saturday was almost totally washed out. Sunday, on the other hand, saw continuous flying right up until 5pm.

Result is that Mark Redsell is the 2014 National Champion, with Paul Garnett runner up, and Peter Gunning third.

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DAY 1 - rain, rain rain..Pete Burgess takes shelterMartin & Mark sit it out. It was a wait without end.Some protection was better than nothingMore rainRain checkYou gotta smileOr grit your teethCould this be a lull? Nope.DAY 2 - Sun's up at last!Proceedings under way, Tony Livingstone waits his turn.Mark waiting for his moment'A' for effort!Basking made a change from shelteringFrank launchingPaul Garnett follows through. Paul was fine runner up.Greg Dakin guides his needle past the centre. It wasn't to be Greg's day.Ian Mason after landing his Merlin. Also brought much improved Willlow II.MKS HV737 servos in Rich Bago's Needle 115. Wings are spread tow carbon.Text book launch from John Phillips