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A splendid two days, with fab weather on the Sunday and some keen racing.

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DAY ONE  - Waiting: pilot Martin Drewitt, Dave Rumble and Mark AbbottsNeil RogersMike Evans on launch duty for Mark TrebleNeil with Taranis transmitterMark Abbotts had a slow start on Day One.Roger Hilman with gorgeous Multiplex Royal SX. It was his first comp, flew his Caldera nicelyGraeme Mahoney, Tony Livingstone and Neil RogersMeanwhile, back in the pits... Bob and Matt How with Matt's NeedleJack Cubitt entered along with dad JoeIan Falconer with Crossfire 2Joe flew Willow 2 and McMeekin Falcon. Finished tenth.Matt How with his Needle - another Taranis user.Busy day? Gromit aka. Stuart Wallace organised, CD'd and still found time to place seventh!Twenty bits of fast plastic.... their pilots... and a flag...DAY TWO: Pilots' briefingLooking SW along the ridgeTom Macpherson on his comeback tour (minus banjo!)Phil Taylor with his Ceres. Placed 15th.Graeme Mahoney coaxes his Pitbull past the centreLighting up time for Phil's Ceres