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Photos from the F3F Nationals (S. Wales, 16-17th May 2015). I haven't had time to do a report on yet, but here are the headline results:

1 Mark Redsell 1000.00
2 Simon Thornton 989.77
3 Martin Newnham 986.50

FTC went to Keith Wood with a 33 second run. Keith also collected the Seniors trophy. Many thanks to the crew of organisers, helpers and jury.
SATURDAY at The T Junction. Martin Newnham and early arrivals.The perfect view!Mark Treble and Toxic are both perfectly assembled - but not quite ready to flyView of the pits area at the Ice Cream slopeMike Evans looks happy. A late charge would carry him to 8th place.Clayt reflecting  on his runThe course was moved to Mickey's Slope when the wind started swinging westAT MICKEYS SLOPE. Abbo looks to the heavensSATURDAY NIGHT: Refuelling prior to the curryRefuelled after the curryPaul and LesSUNDAY: meeting again at the T junctionFellow Taranis user Keith Wood flew a couple of scorchers including FTC of 33 seconds.Les Wood was having a ballJoel West finished fifth, in classic 'reversal' stylePete Burgess flew his Needle 115 to good effectMark Treble looks for the go-ahead to launchJohn, the other half of team Treble had another good comp with faithful PitbullJoel buzzing Nanty Moel. Or was it just the lens?Andy