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The 2013 Nats was a good one - great weather, good turnout, fast conditions and fast times.

The winner was Joel West flying a Freestyler 4. Runner up was Martin Newnham with a Freestyler 4, and in third place was Mark Redsell also with a Freestyler 4.

Short report and full results are here
Plastic galore at the NatsDAY ONE: Pilots' briefing on the WreckerA transfer of energy, by Andy BurgoyneMark Redsell returning to the pits with his Freestyler 4. Mark placed third.Simon Thornton with his Needle 124. It wasn't to be his comp.Ron goes fishing the traditional way!Farmyard repair by JP, with Pete Burgess looking on. Shot at our B&B.At the curry house. Here's Scott, victim of my shakey camera technique (slow shutter speed + flash!)zee night eees young...A pensive FrankJoel's bad hair moment!DAY TWO: Andrzej did a sterling job as CDRich Bago of T9Hobbysport and Simon ThorntonSimon zips through the compression zoneMark Redsell in mid runJohn Phillips leans into the courseJohn Treble was going well until a contretemps with the hill (the hill won).A rescue party springs into action for John T's modelHow to retrieve a model on the Wrecker. 1. Go down 2. Decide that life is too precious. 3. Go back up. John did retrieve it later - from the bottom.Jonathan Wells took 10th spot with Needle 124 and pre-production FrSky Taranis transmitter. I wonder if this is the Taranis' first competition appearance?