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We came, we flew a bit of F3F, we ate, we drank, we got wet, we went home. Fun? Of course! The full report is here.

Do they know it's Slopeglide?Misty Martin, at the T junction.The comp gets underway at the Back of the WreckerDave Wright maidened his Tomcat. He likes it.Adam and Jack talking Vampires. Some spots of rain already.Saturday PM. Anyone game for an aerobatic comp?Clayt is up for it!John Bennett dusted off his aerobatic thumbs to give us a splendid demo of the scheduleSsschh... masterclass in progress!John watching the demoAll set for the aerobatic comp, but the weather had other ideasSunday. Phil Taylor won the opening  round the previous day, with 43.2 flying his CeresJoiners + rain => Tony and Joel in a hydraulic lock! They parted on good terms.StevePaul Garnett came fourth and got FTC of 35.73. His Toxic is very nicely made and handles well.Mike E, Tom, Phil and MickMick, Phil and MikeIt's the way he tells'em! Mark and winner Joel.JoelMark T