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Boss Jon Edison kept things running smoothlyThe flightlineDave Wright with his NeedlePaul GarnettGreg Dakin's winning Race M. Note Cross tail.Graham Reed whacks Tom's bitsa: Nyx fus and Furio wingsPeter Kowalski and Dieter Perlick. Dieter came second with his Caldera R(ace).Mark Passingham took a break from F3BRonnie Lampe gives Tom's bitsa the once overGlum faces? Must be a lull!Clouds = rainJohn Sage sheltering from a showerThe Vikos continues to impress under Rich Bago's thumbsMore cloudsThe Ceres Lift of John Sage had a split seam on the fusStudy in orangeTim Shaw and friendsRemember these?Kevin makes up for lost time (he had to skip the first day)9th placer Paul Carrington with his Needle, a development of the Skorpion